“Everyone is trying to be more authentic. People are writing longer captions. They are sharing how much money they make … I think it all goes back to, you don’t want to see a girl standing in front of a wall that you’ve seen thousands of times. We need something new.”Lexie Carbone, a content marketer at Later, a social media marketing firm.

We’re able to tap into all subcultures & niche categories to make the best possible influencer match for your brand.

They create authentic content – together – and share it online across social media and other channels. Reaching the right people at the right time to achieve measurable goals:

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Generate brand awareness

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Increase conversions

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Drive traffic

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Increase media value

Sue-Tanya McHorgh on inaugural Love Not Likes Trip to Portland. Sponsored by CPJ, distributor of Glinter
Photo Credit: @Rockstaar

brand partnerships

Our influencers specialize in travel and lifestyle brands. We’re all about creating a authentic relationships with brands we enjoy.

Kristia Franklin aka MyRepeatOffender at Worthy Park Estate for International Rum Day.
Photo Credit: Michael Moodie


By sponsoring a trip you can create experience for our bloggers and influencers. They can connect with the brand in a fun and unique way.

Annesha Adams at JSAERE Night Tour with Freddie McGregor. Photo Credit: Annesha Adams

influencer campaigns

We can create custom influencer campaigns with professional influencers to help increase your reach to a younger audience.

“Worthy Park Estate is pleased to have partnered with Love Not Likes in celebration of International Rum Day 2019.  Through their visit to our Worthy Park Rum Tour, their blog feedback on their experience generated great digital exposure for our attraction across numerous platforms, which helped to highlight the value of our tour.  We would recommend Love Not Likes to anyone seeking to generate meaningful content for their social media platforms.”

Tamika West, Marketing Manager, Worthy Park Estate

“Since December of 2019, Love Not Likes has been providing thoughtful, comprehensive coverage of the various activities in which we empower and provide a platform for our creatives. It has been a great partnership thus far. We would recommend Love Not Likes to any non-profit who wants that extra push to spread awareness of their cause.”

Khadijah Chang, Marketing Lead, Kingston Creative

We were looking for content for our social media marketing efforts without having to do it ourselves. Love Not Likes helped us coordinate talent and multiple locations. By sponsoring a trip, we were able to tap into our target audience in a real way.

Marc Gayle, CEO, Those Creative People

Let’s make something beautiful together.