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Want to Hear a Story?

A Marketing Agency with a Passion for Storytelling

We love a good story. We love the way a story brings people closer together: how it always reminds you of a person or time, brings the children closer together at story time, keeps ladies lingering in the bathroom at clubs, keeps us up late in bed to read one more chapter – just to hear a good story.

Marketing isn’t about advertising or publicizing, or even selling. At its very core, marketing is about telling the best story – the one that keeps people telling it and talking about it for years. 

We have mastered the art of visual storytelling.

The Stories We Tell

Obviously, the mediums for stories have changed over time. What used to be only word of mouth has now become the world of tv, newspapers, radio and of course the internet. We are constantly bombarded by noise.  Telling stories helps us create a space where you can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission as storytellers is to change the way you remember a company or brand. Nothing will ever replace traditional media–television is still king, but the way we absorb information has changed . Good storytelling can exist wherever there is a good tale to tell, and luckily, your online audience has been waiting for your story. Our team of skilled writers, designers, photographers and videographers is just itching to help you discover the story your business will tell.

It is also our mission to change the way our society views and experiences marketing. The online world moves at an incredible pace, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in the ‘go-go-go’ mentality of pushing out marketing materials. We have to start looking at marketing as storytelling, offering good information on a consistent basis. Each piece of content produced should be a cliffhanger for that next post. The audience should always want to know what comes next. But more than that, the content should reflect the story of your business. From the beginning until now, and discovering that story is the key to earning and keeping your audience.

The Storyteller Agency .Co has ties in traditional media and PR, with connections in Los Angeles, The East Coast. and Canada. We are a Jamaican-based company with a world of ideas,   marketing knowledge from decades of working with advertising giants.

Storytelling with Great Content

Event coverage at Soiree 2019

Our focus is creating good content, and the reason is this: meaningful, memorable content is your key to good business relationships.

To us, it’s simple; put your money into marketing products that your customer base will find useful, but also products that will last and continue to bring the focus to your business. And in the online marketing realm, where new tactics are arriving daily, we are committed to staying on top of emerging strategies, search engine updates and trending content marketing products.

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