The Storyteller sits on panel of The 7th staging of The Jamaica Music Conference 2020: Social and Emerging Media for the future of reggae and dancehall music

The Jamaica Music Conference is the preeminent music conference that connects music artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs globally with the “who’s who” in the Jamaica music industry. Now in its 7th staging, the JMC provides an opportunity for independent music professionals to network and collaborate with industry peers, seasoned professionals and creatives, showcase emerging talent,  learn best practices and gain insights into the ever-changing business of music, through relevant panel discussions and interactive workshops.

There was a panel discussion on trends in Traditional Media vs. New Media which comprised of communications practioners such as Kesi Gardner, founder of Love not Likes and The Storyteller Agency.Co ; Naro Hart and Ari Hammond hosts of the popular YouTube show, ‘The Fix’ and editors Ellen Khoelings and Pete Lilly of the popular German-based reggae magazine, Riddim Magazine. 

They indulged in interesting conversation comparing traditional and new media, highlighting the pros and cons of each and how both are transitioning to meet demands of younger audiences. 

All panelists gave recommendations on how to integrate old and new media landscape and how artists can improve their reach. 

Kesi Gardner mentioned that in order to survive in the media landscape, the artistes need media training. If they can’t afford a publicist, they should remember at least 5 key things they want to say to the public.

They also discussed how the next generation is engaging online, with new social media channels like TikTok. Syn, the moderator closed with that the reggae community needs to stay connected in order to keep the conversation going.  

The Conference also featured performances from new upcoming reggae acts such as @kandy__kaye among others.  

To watch the full panel discussion, go to

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